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uvex hi-com
Article ID: 2112.100

uvex hi-com earplug

The highly innovative shape of the uvex hi-com earplug reduces the level of sound that can build up in the inner ear when wearing hearing protection. The innovative channel and cavity design increases the surface area and absorption. The uvex hi-com earplug delivers softer acoustics and absorbs noise interference, making it possible to understand speech clearly.

SNR: 24 dB(A) H: 26 dB(A) M: 20 dB(A) L: 18 dB(A)

Benefits overview

  • Reduction of inner ear sounds, which normally grow louder when earplugs are worn
  • Excellent voice perception for improved communication
  • Low sound absorption, 24 dB
  • No risk of over-protection
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Simple insertion even in narrower auditory canals
  • The hi-com is available in bright, highly visible lemon or in discreet fawn.