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Manufacturing expertise

80 % of our entire net output is produced in our own manufacturing plants, where we combine the very latest technology with the power of innovation and years of experience. Our quality management systems meet the very highest requirements and all of our plants are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard.

In Germany, the uvex safety group applies its high level of expertise in working with plastics to producing industrial helmets and inner shells for its bump caps. High-grade materials and continuous control of manufacturing processes guarantee top-quality head protection products.

uvex u-cap


The perfect interpretation of one of nature’s great ideas

Inspired by nature and staying true to our mission ofprotecting people, uvex has developed a unique andinnovative head protection solution for environmentswhere injuries and grazes frequently occur. The uvexu-cap is the perfect interpretation of one of nature’sgreat ideas.

The premium version boasts a sophisticated interior designconsisting of four layers of shock-absorbing foam and highlyabsorbent fleece that are woven into a breathable mesh.That means the head is kept comfortable, even during physicalexertion, because the sweat is just wicked away.

Bionics takes the biological methods and systems foundin nature and researches their uses in the engineeringand technology of product design. This branch of sciencebecame known with the discovery of the lotus effect andthere is now a whole host of other developments – includingthe uvex u-cap.

The uvex u-cap draws its inspiration from the armadillo with its extremely hard yet flexible shell. Integrating these characteristics provides excellent impact protection and comfort ideal for a bump cap.