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All uvex hearing protection products comply with the CE standard and have been tested in accordance with the applicable European standards in line with current EU legislation. Continuous quality assurance via ISO 9001/1994.

x-grip technology
‘In house’ developed polyurethane foam includes a unique cellular structure which credits a firm but comfortable clamping pressure and improved recovery time following insertion. These silicone free plugs are designed for easy removal due to the ‘x’ grip emboss featured in the external facing plug-end. Using less material reduces fit pressure, closing the sensitive entrance to the auditory canal gently but completely.

x-cap/x-fold technology
The oval shaped pods perfectly match the oval shape of the outer ear, guaranteeing uniquely high levels of comfort and stability uvex lightweight banded ear protectors have a total weight of just 8g. The folding x-fold version is fitted with a film hinge (patent applied for).