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Many people are subjected to unique dangers in the course of their daily work – such as airborne particles, fine dust, noise, falling objects, hazardous chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Our product range offers highly functional protective coveralls for a wide range of applications including disposable coveralls to protect against dirt and dust, and innovative technology to provide protection against biological hazards.

AgPURE™ nanosilver

AgPURE™ nanosilver gives uvex 3B extra vibatec suits their powerful antimicrobial action. AgPURE™ provides surfaces with a bacteriostatic coating, protecting them (though not their immediate surroundings) against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The AgPURE™ active layer is activated by the normal levels of humidity in the air, and acts in three stages.

Graphic illustrating the effect of AgPURE™ on microbes <br>(please click for enlarged view)
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  1. Reduces the build-up of microbes
    Fewer colonies, poor growth conditions
  2. Disrupts cell metabolism by removing potassium ions
    Reduces the viability of microorganisms
  3. Irreversible reactions with amino acids containing sulphur
    Destroys proteins and DNA/RNA

The AgPURE™ active layer provides an optimum level of safety against biological hazards, achieving the highest performance class in accordance with the requirements of EN 14126. Its antibacterial efficacy in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20743:2007-10 has been tested and certified by the German Hohenstein Institute.

Materials & technology

uvex 5/6

The uvex 5/6 is a very light, microporous spunbondpolyethylene-laminate that, combined with spunbond (SMS) back section, ensures high breathability. Together with the bound seams it guarantees a high level of protection against liquid splashes
and solid particles.

uvex 4 B

The microporous spray-tight spunbond-polyethylene-laminate enables the uvex 4 B to provide both protection and breathability. The taped seams provide outstanding protection against liquid aerosols and solid particles while the spunbond inside makes it comfortable to wear.

uvex 3 B plus

The extremely light and tight spunbond-polypropylene-laminate in its unique colouring silver provides an effective barrier against liquid chemicals. The mechanical strength of the material and the sealed seams allow the uvex 3 B plus to provide protection against even the highest strains without reducing comfort.

uvex 3 B extra vibatec

In addition, the uvex 3B extra vibatec has an innovative active layer with AgPURE™ that provides outstanding active antimicrobial protection against biological hazards (R value greater 3).