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uvex group environmental mission statement

We take responsibility.


uvex offers its customers more than environmentally friendly products, it also actively practises responsible environmental protection.

We take responsibility and choose to operate with a higher level of environmental protection than is legally required. Our environmental protection practices are tailored to our business, and are implemented and practised by our employees every day. Applying ecological awareness has become increasingly important over the years, and is now an integrated component and necessity in the everyday practices of our company.


Our corporate policy therefore attaches equal importance to the protection of the environment, consumers and employees. Alongside the target of improving the performance of the company against competitors, responsibility for our employees and conservation of the environment are afforded the same status.


uvex strives to achieve holistic, integrated environmental protection. Not only those specifically responsible for environmental protection but every single uvex employee has an obligation to conserve the environment:

  • We ensure that our employees are qualified and motivate them to work with commitment and competence and to be environmentally aware.
  • We take precautions so that the environmental impact of our sites remains low and the working environment is safe for our employees.
  • We aim to keep the use of resources to a minimum, in product development and all subsequent stages of implementation, including production, storage and transport.