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Health & Safety

Occupational Safety at uvex

Many workplaces harbour a wide range of dangers, and uvex strives to protect against these. As one of the leading global providers of personal protective equipment for industrial health and safety, uvex has developed a head-to-toe safety concept. The uvex brand stands for responsibility, and of course this responsibility extends to our own employees. More…


uvex and the EU chemical regulation REACH

The REACH (registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals) chemicals directive regulates the legislative framework on chemicals in the EU. uvex is fully committed to its obligations arising from the targets and implementation of REACH. Protection of human health and the environmentis our goal. More information and helpful guidance on REACH:

Prohibited hazardous substances- Product safety at uvex

uvex protects consumers. uvex has extremely stringent criteria for products which come into direct contact with the skin, such as personal protective equipment. These criteria not only far exceed current EU regulations, but are also exemplary with regard to product safety and environmental compatibility. It is uvex’s business policy to only offer products which are free of hazardous materials and do not harm either the user or the environment.

In order to ensure product safety as regards dangerous materials, the use of hazardous substances is forbidden in uvex products or, in the case of an unavoidable application, is only permitted under stringent conditions which absolutely eliminate any risk for the user or the environment. Further information can be found in our list of “prohibited substances”. Compliance with these limitations is regularly inspected in independent laboratories.