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Corporate social responsibility of uvex


Rainer Winter Stiftung

The RAINER WINTER FOUNDATION is a public foundation incorporated under civil law and is headquartered in Fürth. It was founded in 1980 by Rainer Winter, shareholder and Chairman of UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & CO. KG. “I set myself the task of helping children all over the world who are in need, ill or living with a disability, as quickly as possible and with a minimum of bureaucracy,” he explains. For 30 years, the RAINER WINTER FOUNDATION has been providing financial support to needy and sick children, 60% of whom are living in Germany and 40% across the rest of the world.  

Since the foundation was established, EUR 1.6 million has already been poured into regional and international projects. The RAINER WINTER FOUNDATION also works with other organisations and makes one-off donations, for example when disasters or famines occur, providing immediate aid to children in need or offering sponsorship. Examples include the earthquake in Haiti, the Asian tsunami and the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York.

But it is projects in Germany, and particularly in the Fürth/Nuremberg area, that are particularly close to the foundation’s heart. For example, support is provided to youth welfare offices and nursery schools in the city and rural district of Fürth, the St. Michael children’s home, the “Zentrum Aktiver Bürger” (Active Citizens’ Centre), the Verein 1-2-3 e.V. (1-2-3 Association, working to prevent addiction and violence in junior high schools), and the Nuremberg city mission. Another important focus is the Foundation’s collaboration with the Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschland (CJD, Christian Association of Youth Villages of Germany).


Vision for the world

Around the world, 45 million people suffer from blindness. 90 per cent of all blind people live in the developing world, where the risk of becoming blind is 10 times greater than it is in so called, developed countries and the reality is that 80% of these cases could have been prevented.

Vision for the World e. V. is a charity working to prevent and treat blindness in developing countries and to bring about a sustainable reduction to the risk of developing it. The organisation was founded in 2002. Its members regard  their commitment as an expression of their social responsibility, using their experience, expertise and contacts to help the disadvantaged and to support the development of ophthalmic care in the countries of the developing world. Vision for the World selects its projects in collaboration with recognised organisations with extensive experience, such as CBM - Christoffel Blindenmission -, to ensure that projects are targeted  at providing communities and individuals, with the material resources they need to help themselves.

The uvex safety group has its roots in protective eyewear and regards its success as a global market leader in that field, as inseparable from a responsibility to protect sight. As a designated partner , the company is  providing sustained, long-term support for Vision for the World and its work in the developing world. Particularly important is the charity's commitment to treating cataracts, which are indeed treatable. The progressive "clouding” of the lens, to the point of total blindness, which characterises cataracts, is caused by factors such as sustained exposure to high levels of damaging ultraviolet radiation - the risk of which is clearly higher in many developing countries.